The Beginnings

My original owner (Roger) purchased me in Southern California. He worked for NASA and LOVED to take me out to the desert where he would set up all his gear and do some star gazing. We would camp for days! He took EXCELLENT care of me.

He personalized me a bit by giving me this really AWESOME headliner.headliner RollBar

As a safety feature he also installed this leg roll-bar thingy. It makes a FABULOUS foot rest for the humans. 😉

We stayed in California for years. Roger married and baby Katherine came but he continued to take me out stargazing. When Katherine was a little older they started visiting National and State Parks at least twice a year.

Roger was diligent on my upkeep cosmetically and especially when it came to my engine. He kept and filed every service receipt. He even kept gas receipts and logged them to make sure my gas mileage was consistent.

When Roger retired we moved up to Oregon. It was VERY wet up there but they kept me in the garage all dry and clean. I wasn’t driven much but I did make it out at least once a year for a big family reunion! Katherine became Kathy, married and had kids of her own. Then the bad news came. Roger wouldn’t be taking me out anymore. His Parkinsons disease was getting pretty bad.

Kathy and her family moved up to Oregon to be closer to her Mom and Dad. She used to drive me quite a bit. She loved to take me out camping with her family. It felt really good to be on these adventures again! Although it never became official, Roger gave me to Kathy. This lasted for a few years.


This is Katherine AKA Kathy. In 2010 she passed away from cancer. God rest her soul.

This became the saddest time in my life. I sat outside alone. Missing the family that shared so many laughs and giggles in my bunks. Missing the man who lovingly sat for hours in the drivers seat thinking of life and singing to his favorite cassette tapes. Once a month Roger had someone come out and start me up, drive me for a bit and then park me again.

The decision to give me to Lisa and Brian was made. (Lisa is Kathys niece, Rogers granddaughter.) They lived in Utah and have lots of children, maybe they will enjoy taking Grampas bus camping? My move to Utah was easy. They put me on a flatbed trailer and off we went! I’d never felt the wind through my vents like that! And going over the mountain passes PASSING the big trucks! You can just bet i was sticking out my tongue at them!!!



Brian and Lisa were wonderful people. They just didn’t know much about air-cooled engines. They were very busy too! Brian had his own business and they lived on a big farm with goats and chickens. Brian had a GIANT garage/workshop were they had lots of fast beefy cars they were restoring. I sat around for about a year and then they decided to sell me. Their boy really wanted to buy a muscle car for himself… and I am just about the opposite of THAT!

It was a very difficult decision to make. Lisa was very sad. All those memories, and all the fun camping trips. I remember her saying that they would only sell her to the right person! They had to be adventurous. People who would drive me, camp in me and make family memories once again. I was NOT to be a donor car!! GOD FORBID!!!!

Stay tuned… More adventures to come!!

“Everybody needs beauty as well as bread,

places to play in and pray in,

where nature may heal and give strength to

body and soul 

                           ~John Muir

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  1. Janice Adams says:

    Found it – I love the VW story. Thanks for sharing.


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